International Surfing Day – Surfers againts nuclear!!!

How cool is that huh? This event is organize by Generation Now, supported by Gandom TC surf Society and the legendary Rajawali art gallery(Rajawali ArtStudio Internationalllleeeee).

There will be beach clean up activity, art session, BBQ and lots more.

So, if you’re in Kuantan on this 25th June, please join the event and witness the action of our local talent.

See you there…!!!


A day at TC (Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan)

Just a random street from Lensa Mata Hati. Persatuan Jurufoto Kuantan had an event on 28/5 and Lensa Mata Hati had shot several pictures of their action conducting outdoor photo shoot demo.

Some people just ‘lepak2’ all over the place and kids having a lot of fun in their own world.



Art – Pantai Sepat, Kuantan

Something to share with others.

Tanjung Sepat village is located about 10 km from Kuantan and is located on the way south to the royal town of Pekan. From Kuantan it is accessible via the road (bridge) at Tanjung Lumpur to Cheruk Paloh, and is an alternative way to the royal town of Pekan.

When reaching Tanjung Sepat Village, you’ll find that the place is serene and tranquil, a typical Malay fishing village. The houses there are far in between, separated by woods and swaying coconut trees. You can see domestic cows, herds of goats and sheep grazing all along the way.

The beach stretches for miles and you can see the waves of the South China Sea incessantly pounding the coast. Fishing boats can be seen far out in the sea, and there are some boats tied together at the beach.

Unlike beaches which slope to the sea for a few meters and then suddenly drop deep, the beach at Pantai Sepat seems to slope very gradually to the sea, and perhaps would be ideal for children to splash and swim as it poses no danger of a sudden fall in the water gradient.

However, structure of beaches are continuously changed by the waves and stormy seas, and since Sepat Beach faces directly the full might of the South China Sea, there is always the danger that strong waves might sweep fun-seekers off their feet.


Art – Heavenly Light

Allah Creation

Sun Heats.
Earth warmed.
It Repeats.
Instruction performed.

Moon Glow.
Hard Rock.
Round it Go
Sun it Block. (In eclipse)

Stars Shine
Space Expand.
Absolute Design.
Universe at Grand.
(Impressive in Scale).

Earth Core
Upon it store.
Iron & More. (Gold, Copper, Silver, etc)
Mankind it’s For.

Sky Done. (In 7 layers)
Clouds Run.
Sun Gone.
Droplets Form.
Incoming Storm.
(Hurricane, Thunder & Lightning)

Rain Fall
River Tall.
Soil Wet.
Tiny Hole.
Seed Met.

Wind Blows.
Plants Grow.
Duration Slow.
Fruits Show.
Man Eat.
He Complete.

In Ocean
Fish Commotion.
Eyes Aware
Jumps in Air.
Cries Heard.
Gobbled Bird.

Deep Beneath
Water Sweet.
Water Salt.
Both Meet.
Barrier. Halt!

Ocean Seabed,
Shaken. (Earthquake)
Wave Ahead.(Tsunami)
Lives Taken.
We Dread.
Water Spread.(Flooding)

Powered Jaw.
Lions Roar.
It’s Paw,
Sharp Claw.
Flesh Tore.
Blood Gore.

Wind Blew,
Upon a Few.
Flies Flew.
Wing’s Spread.
Soon Dead!

Slimy SnaKe.
Near a Lake.
Strikes Venom.
Humans Make
Cure From ‘em.

Sudden Abrupt.
Mounted Vault.
Volcanoes Erupt.
Rocky Basalt.
Stones Pelt.
Ash Smelt.

Mountain High,
Up the Sky.
Your Eyes,
Cannot Lie.

Heart Beat,
Smoothly Neat.
Baby Sleep,
In Tummy Deep.
Pain Felt. (In labour)
Heart Melt.(During Birth)
Love Spelt.

Design Unique
Words Speak (In Quran).

Allaah’s Command
We Prostrate.
Every Land.
Every State.

The Grand Designer
Of Superb Nature.
Allaah They Obey,
Night & Day.
Nature At Play.

By SparkaPoet Shocks (Shohima Rahman)


Looking both of you growing up, cherishing every single moment, making us believes in the future, both of you will make your parent proud. Ami Firza and Umi Ayu wishes both of you a happy birthday.

Some of the old pictures………!….Love both of you……