Zul Love Shida

Here we are still going strong
Who would’ve thought we’d make this far
We’re still climbing and nothing can go wrong
This fate of ours was written in the stars

I can’t help but think you’re a fallen angel
And I’ve fallen for you
An angel in disguise so divine and true

I love who I am when I’m with you
I get lost in your eyes
And I can’t pull away even if I tried
The best feeling is that you love me too

My favorite song is the beat of your heart
It’s amazing how you had me from the start

Don’t think we’re stopping here at eight
You gotta believe now that it may be fate
There’s no more need to wait
Hands fit so perfectly for the perfect soul mate

Our time is blessed and our love is timeless

-Eric Chandaragga-

Lensa Mata HatiLensa Mata Hati


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