Street – Gigih yang Epic

I saw 2 or 3 impersonator on the street try to make money by colouring themselves with this bright sparkling colour. A full body colouring which I think a good way to attract people. Oh ya, they move like a robot. Creative street art.


Gift By Print GIVEAWAY…!!!!

Salam all. This is a promotion from ArtChetak. Surf the blog at to find out more. Thanks all.

Why a giveaway?
Simple, we want to give away tokens of appreciation for the wonderful support we’ve been receiving from our customers, fans and blog readers, for the past few years.
Twelve prizes, really?
As most of you already know, I am a big fan of all things DIY. So, when I started the new hobby, I knew instantly, they should be something handmade-with-lotsa-love, and as many prizes as the budget allows. I really did enjoy making them, so there will be not only one winner, but twelve! Yes, we are giving away twelve prizes.
Why twelve? Won’t the giveaway be less ‘special’?
Definitely the opposite. Where we are today is because of you, the customers, fans & loyal readers. So, if we can give more, why not give more? That, and just because I had fun working with the colourful yarns I could not stop at one, or two, or three…
How does this work?
  1. Taking part is easy, a) read the questions; b) write your answers in the comment box below this entry.
  2. The prizes are divided into three categories:
    • Category A – Six for the participants (those who leave the best answers in the comment box)
    • Category B –  Another six for the couples whose invitation cards gather most votes.
    • Category C –  Additional four (4) mystery gifts for four participating bloggers who have written a review about us.
  3. This giveaway runs from today, 27th of December 2011 until 10th of January 2012.
What are the questions?
  1. Among artchetak’s previous invitation card design, which is your favourite? Write the name of the bride & groom of your choice.
  2. What is your dream invitation card design, if money is not an issue?
  3. If you’ve blogged about us, please leave the link to your entry.
What are the prizes?
Each frame, each crochet flower is handmade by yours truly. I experimented with different type of yarns & several patterns for beginners, and decided on one specific pattern with my own little twist.

Raja Sehari – Nadia Love Amey


What Is There,
To Believe In During Life,
Nothing Lasts,
Aside From Strife,
Life May Perish,
Life May End,
Our Soul We May Give,
Our Soul We May Spend,
But Our Love,
That Eternal Flame,
Will Never Dim,
Will Never Change,
It Will Forever Last,
When All Other Lights Leave,
For You Light My Life,
You Make Me Believe.

– Tyler Dohrn –

Solemnization – Nor Mazni Love Shahrizan

Words twist and tumble
Through my mind
But I can’t grab the right word
Or the right line
So we sit
In silence
But it’s not uncomfortable
In fact I love it
You rest your head on my chest
As we lay here
Lovers entwined
Hearts tangled
You raise your head
And look into my eyes
And I see our love
Almost as if it’s a real force
I don’t ever want to lose this moment
You lay your head on my chest once again
And now I can feel your heartbeat
And my hearts skips
And I finally find the words I’m looking for
I love you

– Stephen Piekuta –